a suffix:

1. forming nouns designating persons from the object of their occupation or labour, as in hatter, tiler, tinner, moonshiner, or from their place of origin or abode, as in Icelander, southerner, villager, or designating either persons or things from some special characteristic or circumstances, as in two-seater, three-master, teetotaller, fiver, tenner.
2. serving as the regular English formative of agent nouns, as in bearer, creeper, employer, harvester, teacher, theoriser.
{Middle English, Old English -ere, distantly related to Latin -ārius}
a suffix of nouns denoting persons or things concerned or connected with something, as in butler, grocer, officer, garner.

{Middle English, from Anglo-French, Old French -er, -ier, from Latin -ārius, neuter -ārium. Compare -ary1}
a termination of certain nouns denoting action or process, as in dinner, rejoinder, remainder, trover.

{French; originally infinitive ending}
a suffix forming the comparative degree of adjectives, as in harder, smaller.

{Middle English, Old English -ra, -re}
a suffix forming the comparative degree of adverbs, as in faster.

{Middle English, Old English -or}
a suffix forming frequentative verbs, as in flicker, flutter, glimmer, patter.

{Middle English, Old English -r-}
preposition (in representations of speech)

of (in forms such as sorter, kinder, etc.).
Also, -a.

(a representation of a reduced pronunciation of the sound /oʊ/, as in feller for fellow.)
a suffix added to words that have been shortened, generally to the first syllable, and sometimes changed phonetically, to create colloquial forms, as in acker (academic), bed-sitter (bed-sitting room), booner (boondocks), footer (football), sanger (sandwich).

Also, -a, -ers. {originally late 19th-century British slang of Oxford University; probably an extended use of -er1}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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